1st January 2011


A Professional recorded video on a high definition 16:9 digital format
with digital  studio editing


Camera:                             Professional Digital 3 CCD High Definition 16:9
Acquisition:                              JVC HDV ProHD (Pictured at top and front page)
Studio Work:                       Titles, Music, Digital Editing and Effects.
You Receive:                       In Standard Definition 3 DVD Copies & 1 Blu-ray high definition

WVP-HDW/C Church Only                                                                                                                    $800
WVP-HDW/CR Church, Reception finish at the Bridal Waltz.  $1,595
WVP-HDW/CRL Church, Reception finish when Bridal Party Leave.   $1,950
WVP-HDW/D DELUXE, Same as HDW/CRL Plus Home Before Wedding,         
Added Photos at the Beginning, 20 Minute Wedding
Highlight Tape,  2 extra  Copies of Wedding Tape,
2 extra Copies of Highlight Tape.           
HBW-HD Home Before Wedding (Subject to Location)  $325
PGO-HD Parks, Gardens and Other Locations (Subject to Location) $325
APB-12 Added Photos at the Beginning (Maximum 12 Photos) $200
WHT-20 20 Minute Wedding Highlight Tape $850
WST-5 Wedding Souvenir Tape (Length of one Song) $425
DVD-W4 DVD Wedding Disc (Up to 4 hrs) $35
DVD-W2 DVD Wedding Disc (Up to 2 hrs) $20
DVD-H DVD Highlight Disc $15
DVD-S DVD Souvenir Disc $12
BD-W Blu-ray Wedding Disc (High Definition) $50
BD-H Blu-ray Highlight Disc (High Definition) $35
BD-S Blu-ray Souvenir Disc (High Definition) $20
All prices include GST if Applicable

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