Choreography By Warren Fleming

Beginner (beg/easy), Intermediate (int), Advanced (adv), Lower (L), Upper (U)

                                       A.K. Stomp (easy)
                                       Banyo Boogie (easy)
                                       Big Country (easy)
                                       Brielle (easy)
                                       Chicken Stomp (Just for kids)
                                       Christmas Swing (easy)
                                       Cobar Line (int)
                                       Dancing Fool (int)
                                       Darra Stomp (easy)
                                       Down Under Shuffle (easy)
                                       Easy Chair (easy)
                                       E.B. Shuffle (beg)
                                       Fiddler Man (int)
                                       Friday Night Blues (easy)
                                       He's The Feller (easy)
                                       Home For Christmas (easy)
                                       I Can't Think (adv)
                                       I Don't Know (easy)
                                       I See It Now (easy)
                                       I Wish (int)
                                       I'd Leave Me Too (int)
                                       I'm Happy (adv)
                                       J.B. Stroll (easy)
                                       Morning Dew Stroll (adv)
                                       Mr Christmas (easy)
                                       Little Girl's Dreams (int waltz)
                                       Lyin' Eyes (adv)
                                       Merry Merry Christmas (easy)
                                       Nothin' Better (easy)
                                       Nothin' New (int)
                                       On The Run (easy)
                                       Rose Of My Heart (int)
                                       Sad Movies (int)
                                       Shu Shu Shuffle (easy)
                                       Some Men (int)
                                       Splash (int)
                                       Summertime Blues (easy)
                                       Trackin' Country (easy)
                                       Tui's Dance (beg)
                                       Un-Plugged (adv)
                                       Warren's Dance (easy)
                                       What's In A Name (easy)
                                       Yabber (easy)


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